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WTC impact

How WTC will impact local, national and regional markets and how it fits ITA strategy

WTC 2023 if held in Athens will undoubtedly have a great impact on a national and global level. During the last three decades Greece has established a world-leading profile in the tunnelling industry. With experience gained from tunnelling projects: Egnatia Odos Highway, Highways of Ionia Odos, Olympia Odos, etc, National Railway Network, Attiki Odos Ring road, Thessaloniki metro, Athens metro and its extension lines, Greece’s on-going mining activities and the construction of underground caverns, as well as the lessons learned from such projects international interest and scientific curiosity have been triggered, making Athens the ideal location to host WTC2023. Athens can be considered a world’s landmark and a bucket-list destination. As the city is currently recovering from recession, repositioning and rebranding Greece on the tunnelling map will tremendously benefit the local and regional market by bringing together national and international suppliers, manufacturers and contractors boosting the Greek market. The Greek Tunnelling Society (GTS) established in 1995 has played a significant role within ITA-AITES. GTS activities have managed to raise awareness of underground space use and has encouraged professionals to pursue a career in tunnelling. The GTS has been involved and many times has been the initiator of actions to improve tunnelling practices and techniques from the design to construction stages as well in the risk allocation and contractual agreements at a national level by publishing guidelines, organising conferences and seminars, site visits, supporting universities and scientific research. In 2014 the Young Member’s Group of the GTS encouraged young professionals to be more active within GTS following ITA-AITES initiative. By hosting WTC2023 knowledge will be transferred and ideas and practices will be exchanged strengthening the industry and community nationally and internationally. The GTS’ aims are aligned with the seven strategic goals ITA-AITES has introduced in 2014. Greek practices share similar values with international trends supporting the idea of using tunnelling and underground space to build sustainable cities and green infrastructure. Through Greece’s strong and well-grounded net – work of tunnel professionals support and involvement in various committees of the ITA-AITES and other national groups, WTC2023 is going to be successful and attract professionals around the world.

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