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Lighthouse - Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre Foundation

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC) is a new Athens landmark, on the edge of Faliro Bay. The SNFCC Lighthouse sits on top of the new home of the Greek National Opera, protected by the “Magic Carpet,” an energy-producing canopy made of photovoltaic panels spanning ten hectares. Like every lighthouse, the SNFCC Lighthouse is encased in glass, offering panoramic views of Athens, Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf, as well as direct visual connection to the Acropolis hill. Surrounding this glass space, the Lighthouse offers an open-air space, sheltered by the canopy. You can reach the top of the Lighthouse either by using the lift located at the Agora or by walking through the Stavros Niarchos Park.

Restaurant of the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum provides a restaurant on the second floor with panoramic views of the Acropolis.
 ›› Proposed Venue for ITA President’s Reception

The Gardens

The Gardens of the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre provide a green oasis of landscaped lawns, terraces and paths around the Centre. Open to the public until sundown, the gardens can be used for private events in the evening and are perfect for post opening ceremony Welcome receptions.
 ›› Proposed venue for Welcome Reception 

Byzantine & Christian Museum

A short walk from the Megaron Athens Conference Centre, The Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum lies half hidden among trees. The Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens is one of the most important public institutions in Greece, established in the early 20th century (1914) in order to collect, study, preserve and exhibit the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine cultural heritage in the Hellenic territory. The museum collection contains an important number (approx. 30,000) of works of art such as icons, sculptures, ceramics, ecclesiastical textiles, paintings, jewelries and architectural elements (wall paintings and mosaics).
 ›› Proposed venue for Welcome Reception & Congress Dinner


Metallourgeio is an impressive stone building on Piraeus Street, characteristic of the industrial Athens of 1900s. It consists of a spacious interior with high ceilings and large openings, as well as a large internal courtyard that pleasantly surprises the visitor. The exterior space can function as an extension of the interior, offering the possibility of single use.
 ›› Proposed venue for WTC Candidate Dinner

Yacht Club of Greece

It is a Club with great history and one to which sailing in Greece owes its tremendous development. The Club is located on the peninsula of Piraeus, at the ancient Athenian
military port of «Mounihia». This port is one of three historic naval stations of the Ancient Athenian Democracy. It is small and picturesque and, despite still retaining its ancient name, is now best known as Mikrolimano. The Yacht Club’s main building is situated at the top of the hill of the Piraeus peninsula, at the southwestern end of Mikrolimano. The view from the building is breathtaking, stretching from the Faliron and Saronic gulf to the islands of Salamina, Aegina and Poros and back to Athens and the surrounding mountains. At a closer angle, the Club is surrounded by beautiful groomed gardens. The “Winds” Room has a capacity of 160 seated people and, in summer time, it integrates the veranda area to sum up a space that could
receive 220 persons.
 ›› Proposed venue for Young Member Party, WTC Candidate Dinner


Gazarte just a 1 minute walk from Keramikos metro station boasts a distinct industrial chic atmosphere and panoramic views of Athens. The Roof Stage consists of two spaces that can be opened to form a single larger area. Decorated with wooden bookcases, cozy sofas, beautiful carpets and soft lighting, and boasting a glass-roofed atrium that opens during the summer months to one of the most luscious terraces in Athens, the Roof Stage is an all-encompassing entertainment space, showcasing
a unique blend of sophistication, contemporary culture and design.
 ›› Proposed venue for ITACET Dinner, ITAtech Dinner, Young Member Party, WTC Candidate Dinner


K8 point in the city center opened in June 2015. It is a 3.500 sq. m. multispace ideal for various events. Entering the complex, you will discover an oasis, hidden in the center of Athens, decorated with aromatic gardens and hanging swings. In the centre of the patio there is an olive tree which attracts the eye to balconies in a lounge atmosphere and in the background a magnificent view of the Acropolis.
 ›› Proposed venue for ITACET Dinner and ITAtech Dinner

Zappeion Megaron

Located in the heart of the city of Athens, the Zappeion Megaron was the first building in the world to be constructed in order to serve Olympic needs. Its architecture is in the neoclassical order, with a Corinthian portico, and an organisation of spaces that is fully in harmony with the purpose for which it was built. This building, the three-arched stone bridge over the Ilissus River that had been repaired, also at the expense of Evangelis Zappas, and the surrounding gardens give a charming picture of Athens in the early 20th century. The Zappeion Exhibition Hall has witnessed the history of Athens for the last 120 years. It has been a key site for some of the nation’s most significant moments, and has always been integrally linked to the Olympic Movement. Even though its uses were varied, it has become a landmark in the Greek capital, thus fulfilling the donor’s initial wishes.
 ›› Proposed Venue for Congress Dinner

Vorres Museum

Since its creation in 1983, the Vorres Museum has made a dynamic and successful contribution to cultural affairs, folk art tradition and the visual arts. Its basic aim is to promote Greek art not only within Greece but worldwide and to convince Greeks to save and preserve their national heritage, through a broad spectrum of activities such as the organisation of important exhibitions in Greece and abroad, educational programs, guided tours, publications, etc., with the purpose of educating the public and especially the new generation on art, Greek history and ecology. The interior of the Museum is offered for an elegant dining while being surrounded by works of Modern Greek art. The museum offers traditional Greek dishes with a modern creative touch.
 ›› Proposed Venue for Congress Dinner

Ble Pavillon

Ble Pavillion is a venue of high aesthetic that adds a special touch of elegance to your reception. With the warm earthy colours, the unlimited sea view and the modern design, it combines functionality with the flawless beauty of the exterior and interior space. Smartly configured it meets the needs of a summer or winter event, without depriving guests of the sun and sea, since it is located on the coast of Alimos.
 ›› Proposed Venue for Congress Dinner

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